Some Kind words from our friends and family.



“In short, Stage Door has changed my life. From the moment I started taking class at age 3, I was instantly welcomed into the Stage Door family. Over my 15 years at Stage Door, I received a top notch dance education from some of the most qualified teachers in the business that prepared me for college dance and beyond. But looking back, I received so much more. At Stage Door, hard work, determination and above all kindness and compassion for others will always be more important than how high you can kick or how many awards you win. I am not only a better dancer, but most certainly a better person for having walked through the doors of Stage Door Dance Academy.”

Jim & Lisa


“One of the best decisions as parents we have made was enrolling our girls at Stage Door! Not only have they become beautiful dancers but amazing well-rounded young women who have learned invaluable life lessons and found a second home and extended family.  Debbie, Kate and the rest of the faculty are incredible teachers and wonderful mentors! They care about each dancer as if they are their own and create a loving supportive environment for the dancers to flourish.  Bravo Stage Door, you have set the “dance bar” high!”



“I am a fellow teacher from Windsor, Ontario, Canada that has had the privilege to meet Miss Kate and some of her wonderful teachers and students over the past few years. It is so rewarding to make new friends in the dance community not only among teachers but our students have become friends from across the miles as well. We always look forward to attending competitions and seeing how beautifully our dancers perform, but more impressively how much they respect each other and cheer each other on.”



“I have had the privilege of dancing at Stage Door Dance Academy for eight years, and now have the privilege of being a faculty member. This studio has never failed to feel like home, and is constantly full of love, support, teamwork, and comfort. This studio is unlike any other and has been a major support system and great influence in my life and many others! I am so proud I get to be a part of Stage Door, it is so much more than just a dance studio!”



“I started with Ms. Debbie at the age of 2 and danced at Stage Door my entire childhood.  Ms. Debbie and the staff make each student feel important and build up their confidence. I know my confidence level wouldn’t be where it is today without them.  Many life lessons that I use  in day to day life I learned through the years I spent here.  Stage Door, Ms. Debbie, and the rest of the teachers were my second family growing up and I cherish those days and am so appreciative for everything they have taught me over the years.  I can only hope to be that influential  on others as this dance family was to me.”



“Stage Door Dance Academy has the most inviting and accepting atmosphere. From the moment you step in the door, you’re overwhelmed with an abundance of love. Dance family is like no other and I’m so proud to call Stage Door mine. With the help of Stage Door I’ve truly been changed for the better.”



“We have been a part of the Stage Door family for 3 years and have loved every minute of it!!”



“The positive influence of the staff at Stage Door Dance Academy lasts forever and I will forever be grateful for their influence on my daughter, Jessica.”



“Stage Door has become our second family, my daughter has dance there for the last 8 years. What this studio offers is so much more beyond dance lessons! Their hard work shows in all their dancers! There is no other studio around that can give what they give to our children!”



“Stage Door has been our home for the last past 8 plus years. My kids love every single minute at the studio. We thank every single teacher for all your hard work and dedication to all our kids.”



“My daughter has been dancing here for the past 8 years and she loves it. The teachers are amazing not only in teaching dance but by providing a nurturing, loving environment and creating a second home for the children.”

The Semens


“When our daughter started dancing at Stage Door Dance Academy at the age of 18 months, we had no idea what the future held for her there.  We absolutely fell in love with the staff.  The fabulous Ms. Debbie and Ms. Sue were teaching the ‘wee dance’ class and are so nurturing with the little kids.  That was our first impression of the studio.  As our children have grown, we have had the experience with the entire staff and realized that they all hold that same standard for themselves and the children.  As parents, we love that our oldest daughter has not only learned dance technique and dance skills but LIFE skills.  The staff has literally helped us raise our oldest child thus far because she is at the studio sometimes up to 5 days a week.  She has learned to be caring, disciplined, accountable for her actions, kind and most of all she has had so much FUN!  We would recommend Stage Door Dance Academy to anyone who has the opportunity to have their child/children attend.  Whether you have a boy or girl…they will have an amazing experience at the studio.  My oldest daughter calls the studio her ‘safe haven’ and loves spending so much time there.  Who knew we had such a special ‘gem’ right here in our own back yard?!”



“Stage Door Dance Academy is not just a dance studio it is a second home for my daughter. She started here as a wee dancer at 18 months and has literally grown up at the studio. Stage Door prides themselves on technique as well as incorporating life lessons from the very beginning.

From the twinkling stars to Performance Company, my daughter has grown not just as a dancer, but as a confident young lady that I credit to Stage Door. They gain confidence through dance and all of the faculty are so supportive of all of their dancers. They know all dancers by name and take such pride in the fact that it is more than just a dance studio. It is truly a family. This continues on with the relationships of the older dancers with the younger ones. There is such a feeling of camaraderie among all of the dancers at the studio, everyone is there to support each other.

As a member of Performance Company, my daughter is truly at her happiest and the most herself at the dance studio. Going to competitions as a company is one of our favorite experiences. To watch the dancers on stage is amazing and stunning but what is also amazing to see is the friendships the kids make, and the way they support each other on and off the stage.

Another perk of the year is the Production at the Rialto at the end of the year. It is the highlight of the whole year! The amount of effort put into the production is mind blowing and to watch it unfold so seamlessly on stage is astonishing. It is truly amazing to watch, plus in such a gorgeous venue!

When I brought my toddler into the studio I had no idea that dance would be what my daughter loves most, I just thought it was another extracurricular we were trying. It turns out walking into Stage Door was the best decision I have ever made for my daughter. I had no idea that walking into the studio that her best friends would eventually be waiting for her. I had no idea a second family would be waiting for us. As a parent you want your child to be able to have other adult role models in your life that your child can learn from, and she doesn’t just learn from her teachers, she adores her teachers. Dance is my daughter’s passion. I couldn’t be happier that Stage Door Dance Academy is where we choose to watch that passion grow and continue to watch her grow as a dancer.”